Fun with Fossil Making with Ali Larock

Fun with Fossil Making with Ali Larock
August 6, 2024

Tuesday, August 6th at Pioneer Park
For students in elementary and middle school.
Students will learn basic techniques with air-dry clay to create three-dimensionally. They will learn approaches creating animals and structures but what they create will be up to them! Students will also have the chance to create their own “fossil” by creating a simple mold, making an impression of an object or natural material, and adding plaster to create a cast fossil.
All classes will be located outside at Pioneer Park Shelter, 2020 River Road, Bismarck.
Please have students wear appropriate footwear to walk in the park, sunscreen, and water.
Parents/guardians are free to drop off registered students and pick-up at the end time.
Please complete registration for each student. 1 registration = 1 student