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Discover the natural beauty of Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota! Explore our array of picturesque parks, offering serene green spaces, scenic trails, and family-friendly amenities. From riverside retreats to expansive playgrounds, immerse yourself in outdoor adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of North Dakota.
Cross Ranch State Park image
Cross Ranch State Park
1403 River Road
Double Ditch
Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site
7.5 miles North on River Road, north on Highway 1804
Eagle Sculptures image
Eagle Sculptures
Along River Road
Eagles Park and Campground image
Eagles Park and Campground
10900 NW Highway 1804
Custer House in Fort Lincoln
Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park
4480 Fort Lincoln Road
General Sibley Campground image
General Sibley Campground
5001 South Washington Street
Keelboat Park image
Keelboat Park
River Road
Mandan Parks & Recreation image
Mandan Parks & Recreation
2600 46th Avenue SE
Image of the Water
McDowell Dam and Nature Park
1951 93rd Street NE
North Dakota Parks & Recreation image
North Dakota Parks & Recreation
604 East Boulevard Avenue, Department 750
Steamboat Park image
Steamboat Park
River Road
Beaver Lake State Park image
Beaver Lake State Park
3850 70th Street SE
Fort Stevenson State Park image
Fort Stevenson State Park
1252A 41st Avenue NW
Harmon Lake from above
Harmon Lake
Highway 1806 & County Road 140